I need a tattoo cover up..

Ive been extremely unusual, discouraged and depressed for a while. Summer break last year I got a matching tattoo. Huge mistake. I found out my ex raped my friend last summer. I dont know if it happened when I was living with his family or if he was with someone else, either way he was banging everything that walked, and had the walking clap. Literally. All I hear when I look at this tattoo is “You have a matching tattoo with a rapist.” I dont want to wake up to that. Everybody when they see it gives me a compliment. At least they tried to be nice but its an insult. Nobody has asked me what is wrong besides my parents, now I’m writing about it. I cant remember one good memory because he fucked me up in the head that bad. Ive done so many stupid things. Ive gotten rid of my family, and I was a bitch to all my friends for him, and I wasnt aloud to believe God was real. Unfortunately, Im afraid of people, especially guys that hit on me. Its terrifying. I get sick every time I see him, and Im afraid for the other girls he tries to persuade. He rides my bus with his new gf, I get sick every time.
It isnt the first time he was reported for rape either.. Im so fucking disgusted, idk how to feel anymore. I just want to get away and forget this muck, and be myself again. Im ready for college so I can get away. I need a tattoo cover up..

I'm diggin your ugly sweatshirt

Lol thank you, it’s pretty festive for the season~

what the great blog you have ..i like it...

aw thank you :] this is just my self blog, but my main one you might like more